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What’s a SEER rating?

We see it all the time in regard to HVAC systems, but what does it mean? SEER stands for ‘Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio’ and is a major performance rating to consider when shopping for a heating or cooling system. The higher the rating, the less energy your unit will use to create heat or cool your home. So always look for high SEERs ratings and if you’re unsure about what to buy, an American Weathermakers professional can help you.

A better SEER rating also means that your utility bills will be less costly because you’re consuming less energy. Utility companies will often compensate or give incentives to homeowners who use high-efficiency systems. Check out rebate and incentive offers here for more details.

Air Conditioning & SEER Rating Info
As of 2006, the government mandates that all new central air conditioning equipment be a minimum of SEER 13 but a higher rated system is recommended. The more efficient machine will cost more upfront, but will save more money in the long run by reducing energy bills.

Furnace Efficiency & AFUE Rating Info
The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency(AFUE) is the most commonly used assessment of a furnace’s efficiency and is the measurement of the percentage of heat delivered to your house from each unit of fuel. Standard HVAC systems might have an AFUE of 80%; high-efficiency furnaces can be more than 95% AFUE.