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Frequent question: Can a smart thermostat save me money?


Many of our customers often ask us this question. Our answer: yes! Smart thermostats can absolutely help you control your energy usage to you save money.

What makes a smart thermostat different than a regular thermostat?
A smart thermostat is sophisticated technology that is synched to your home’s Wi-Fi and designed to help you manage your energy usage and better control when your heating and air cooling system is turned on and off. A smart thermostat gives homeowners the option to monitor and regulate your home’s largest source of energy consumption, all from a smartphone or tablet, even outside the home just from an app.

Smart thermostat benefits

Smart thermostats give homeowners beneficial features, such as:

  • Monitor your home’s temperature from the app
  • Turn your air cooling or heating system on or off at any time
  • Monitor the efficiency of your HVAC system
  • Adjust your home’s temperature based on weather or schedule changes
  • Get alerts if your home’s temperature gets too hot or cold
  • Regular manufacture updates

You can buy non-automated thermostats that only change the temperature in your home if you make a manual adjustment or by setting up an optional preset in the preferences. Automated smart thermostats actually get to know your preferences and can program themselves.

Research has shown that single family homes can save, on average, 450 kWh per year or about $50. Customers report that they’re easy to use and find it more convenient to manage their HVAC system with more, smarter, options.

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