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What Is a Ductless Mini-Split System?

When determining what kind of HVAC system is best for your home, know your options. Many of our customers have found that a ductless mini-split system is the way to go. Here are a few frequently asked questions.


What Is a Ductless Mini-Split System?

To start, these kinds of heating and cooling systems have two main components: an outdoor compressor and an indoor air-handling unit. These connect with a conduit, which has tubes for refrigerant and drainage and a power cable. Like the name indicates, there are no ducts to ferry air throughout the home with these units.

How Do Ductless Mini-Split Systems Work?

These units cool air via the outdoor compressor in the same way that traditional systems do. Homes with typical units have one air handler, a blower, and an evaporator coil inside a utility area or in the garage. These systems releases cooled air into your home through the ductwork from this point.

Ductless mini-split systems have a fan and evaporator coil inside the air handlers installed in every zone. These systems control the temperature in the zone without pushing air through ductwork.

Why Install a Ductless Mini-Split System?

There are many reasons to install a ductless mini-split system. Older homes and buildings don’t have ducts and may require duct installation for a central HVAC system and are perfect for ductless cooling units. Heating via baseboard or wall heaters or electric radiant heaters is expensive. These systems are a cheaper alternative to these kinds of heating.

If you’re adding on to your house or building an outbuilding like a man cave or crafting shed, using a ductless mini-split will keep the new area comfortable without needing to run ducts or without using window units or space heaters. If you’re building a home in an area with extraordinarily high energy costs, one of these units is a better way to go.

Floors or areas of your home that aren’t used a lot with a ductless mini-split that’s turned off can save money. Maybe your current HVAC unit is out of date and is an energy suck because it’s inefficient; installing a mini-split might be cheaper than replacing that old unit.

What Are the Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split Systems?

These units move heat rather than produce it, so an Energy Star certified mini-split can use up to 60% less energy than traditional heaters. Since the cooling components are more sophisticated and air has no chance of warming inside ductwork, cooling costs can decrease by up to 30% over a traditional unit.

Every mini-split provides customized comfort for the space it serves. Temperature zones adjust at the wall unit, by remote, or through a smartphone. Zone control also allows you to shut off heating and cooling in areas that aren’t occupied often saving you money, too.

Ductwork requires maintenance and cleaning regularly. Using a ductless system saves you time and cash because you won’t have to pay for these services. You will also be healthier because they won’t be exposed to indoor pollutants that get picked up in dirty ducts. Ductless systems use multiple filtration methods to help cut allergens and particles in the air.

Installing a new system, especially one that needs ductwork, is a lengthy process. Ductless systems usually install in one day and don’t take up any square footage for ductwork.

Ductless systems lower your carbon footprint, and because of their technology, they have less of an effect on the environment and climate change. The refrigerant used in many systems doesn’t contribute to ozone depletion at all.

Many utility companies offer rebates for customers who install ductless mini-split units in their homes. There are also tax credits that you can apply to your refund. Check with your tax professional and utility provider about these benefits.

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