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5 Reasons why a Whole House Dehumidifier Could Benefit Your Home

  Do you think your home could benefit from a whole house dehumidifier? Probably, especially if anyone in your household suffers from allergies or asthma, [Read More]

It’s finally getting cool in Chicago – 5 ways to prep your heating system!

After a warm Chicago summer, cool autumn temperatures will be here soon (yeah, we’re still using our air conditioners too). But it was nice to [Read More]

Why using energy efficient HVAC systems save you money

Did you know that one of the top household expenditures for the typical American is the purchase of an HVAC system? With costs from the [Read More]

7 Ways to prepare for fall this season

From May through September, excessive heat and humidity have caused air conditioners in ago the Chicago area to work overtime. Our Chicagoland coverage includes Evanston, [Read More]

Fall is almost here – here’s some Q&As about your heating system

Fall is almost here in the Chicagoland area and that means that your air conditioners will be switched on and almost right away, you’ll be [Read More]

How the rise of AC changed how we work & live

The Washington Post published an article last month about how your air conditioner can make these heat waves we’ve been having in late summer worse, [Read More]

The importance of maintaining your furnace

Now that the heating season has begun, making sure that your furnace is up to snuff is absolutely crucial. While you may be tempted to [Read More]

Why it’s important to change your home’s air filter

Here’s a breakdown about why it’s important to change your home’s air filter in your the HVAC system, as well as tell you how often [Read More]

Should I cover my air condenser this fall?

Generally, American Weathermakers does not recommend you doing this for a variety of reasons. Here’s the gist on basic AC unit structure, covers and why [Read More]

How to maintain your boiler

Although winter may not be here yet, (yes, still summer in Chicagoland), many of us are already feeling the chill. With colder temperature right around [Read More]

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