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Why is my air conditioning condenser unit leaking water?


Over the summer, little attention is usually paid to your home’s central air conditioning system as long as it’s functioning well and not causing you any reason for problems. But what do you do when you notice a puddle of water forming around your unit? A small amount of water is normal, and it’s best to be able to recognize what’s expected from your AC’s basic operation, but what do you do when the water leak is clearly a problem?

A lot to do with this issue depends on the weather and generally what’s happening in the air, like if it’s hot and humid outside. It’s normal to find a small amount of water near the condensate drain pipe when the unit is working hard, but if it’s a persistent problem and not adding up to the work load or weather, it probably needs professional attention.

Don't let your outdoor air conditioning unit leak - it could be a major problem. Get help from American Weathermakers.

Large amounts of water, especially water that persists for days are signs that the puddle you see around your outdoor unit is cause for concern. Those causes include:

  • A dirty or blocked air filter, which causes restricted airflow to the evaporator’s coils. The coils can freeze, causing water to spill out of the condensate drain pan
  • A crack in the condensate drain pan that allows water to leak out of the condenser
  • A blockage in the condensate drain pipe that can force water to back up and out of the drain pan, leaking out of the condenser unit

Some problems that cause leaks to your air conditioning condenser unit can be fixed just by replacing some parts, like the air filter, but if the problem is big and continuous, get the assistance of an American Weathermakers technician to pinpoint exactly what the cause is and fix your unit before any more damage is done. Remember, the longer you wait to address these issues, the bigger the repair could be in the long run. Call us at 847.509.2024 today to get your Chicago area home’s AC unit repaired and ready for the next hot day!


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