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What’s Causing Noises in Your Air Conditioning System?

Technician working on outdoor HVAC unit

Don’t let AC noises keep you up at night! Long story short, when your air cooling system is makes odd and unusual noises, it means something is wrong and it needs attention. One big thing to note is that if it’s a loud screeching noise, it’s probably a failing motor, but not always, so if you hear that, definitely call us at (847) 503-9497!

Technician working on outdoor HVAC unit

Here are five possible reasons you are hearing strange noises coming from your air cooling system:

1. Failing Compressor
If you’re hearing a high-pitched screaming noise, that is typically a sign of a failing compressor that requires a repair. However, it may be more cost effective to just replace the entire unit, especially if your current unit is more than 10 years old and/or still uses R-22 refrigerant.

2. Slipped or Old Belt
A slipped belt produces a noticeable squealing noise. If the belt is old and about to bust – it may squeal right before it totally fails. Should the belt subsequently break, you will experience an immediate AC breakdown.

3. Loose Parts
If you’re hearing a rattling sound, it could be a loose part or screws. And the looser the part, the louder the noise will be, so if it’s loud, get it checked out right away so that loose part doesn’t have a chance to totally break off from wherever it is in your system.

4. AC Capacitor or Fan Motor Failure
Do you hear a soft, steady humming noise? That can mean your capacitor is starting to fail, or your fan motor needs a repair. Generally people understand how a motor in disrepair can compromise your entire AC, but many do not know that without your capacitor, your system will not get that little boost of energy required for it to start running, so if you hear a humming sound coming from your system, call us to correctly determine the reason for why your AC capacitor is making noise.

5. Trapped Twigs and Debris
Thumping noise can happen in your outside unit when any kind of yard waste or natural debris becomes trapped in the fan. If you hear any loud clanging or banging, your first thought before calling an HVAC professional should be to go outside and check your outdoor unit for debris. If you’ve cleared away greenery and you still hear a noise, definitely get in touch with us!

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