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Surge Protection is it right for me?

Is your AC glowing Green?

With any modern appliance they are full of delicate electronics. These electrical circuit boards are prone to damaged by electrical surges, brown outs or other dirty power problems. We count on our appliances to give us the creature comforts we enjoy and come to rely on. Ask you tech today if this protection is worth your investment. We have years of installation experience to install this product today. 

Product info from the manufacture: 

Power surges are the silent killer for home appliances and HVAC equipment. Most homeowners protect their electronics, but leave more valued equipment unprotected. Surges can wipe out equipment and leave you searching for answers. Search no more. The easy-to-install AG3000 Surge Protective Device (SPD) is the perfect add-on for HVAC equipment. A green LED indicator provides the status of protection. Trusted, state-of-the-art TPMOV® (Thermally Protected Metal Oxide Varistor) technology eliminates the potentially hazardous failure modes that are commonly associated with standard MOV technology. UL Listed to ANSI/UL 1449.

AC or Furnace Protection