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Top ten Chicago snowfalls

Isn’t it nice the snow has finally subsided! But it’s still very wet out there. Do you ever wonder about Chicago’s snowfall records? If so, [Read More]

How the rise of AC changed how we work & live

The Washington Post published an article last month about how your air conditioner can make these heat waves we’ve been having in late summer worse, [Read More]

5 Things to know about Winter Solstice

Today is the first day of winter, although you wouldn’t think it considering the bitterly cold weather we’ve been having recently in the North and [Read More]

10 Interesting facts about the September equinox!

The September equinox is here! Today, September 22 is one of only two days in the year where day and night will be almost equal [Read More]

It’s going to be really hot the next few days – hot weather trivia

As of late July, we can honestly say that we’re experiencing the worst heat wave Chicago has seen since 2013. It’s hot out there! With [Read More]

American Weathermakers radio commercial prompts WGN Radio segment about ‘Romance & the Repair Guy!’ Check it out!

  Last weekend, on January 8, Kathy & Judy of WGN Radio had a very entertaining conversation on their show after hearing our new ‘Married [Read More]

10 Facts about the first day of spring!

  Spring is almost here! On March 20, we don’t have to say ‘winter’ for a while here in the Chicagoland. We’ll get to put [Read More]

Radiant flooring heat, its history and benefits

Radiant floor heat is a great option for all kinds of different homes. And it’s been around for a long time, but used differently as [Read More]

3 Energy myths busted!

There is a lot of misinformation about there about how to stay more comfortable in the winter time in your Chicago area home. Don’t be [Read More]

Top 10 snowstorms in Chicago history

Aren’t we all glad we’ve gotten a break from the snow this week!? It’s nice to actually see the ground, even if it’s still marked [Read More]