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Home Grown Cannabis Plants Need Good HVAC to Thrive

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Homeowners on the Northshore of Chicago may be practicing their green thumb at home with cannabis plants, but to get the kind of product they can be proud of, they need to get serious about the HVAC surrounding their grow space. That’s where we come in. American Weathermakers is a trusted partner to many home growers in the North Suburban area and we can help with their indoor environment.

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Whether it’s a rose bush waiting for spring or a cannabis plant looking to thrive, they require the same basics: water, light, soil and air flow. If your soil isn’t healthy, you won’t grow healthy plants. Also, as the plants absorb water and other necessary nutrients, they transpire, especially in warmer seasons. this in turn makes the atmosphere humid, which can lead to problems associated with too much moisture in the air, like mold, mildew, which are then harmful to the plants. This situation is called microclimates.

Hygrometer, thermometer used to monitor the growth and development of medicinal cannabis, marijuana.

It’s recommended that a grow room should be set for 60 percent humidity and 78 degrees, otherwise if there’s too much humidity, you’ll lose control of the atmosphere, and the plants won’t thrive. If you don’t have enough humidity, the plants will be too dry, which the result will be a less than perfect plant. When you start to notice buds forming and good resin production, reduce the humidity down to 40 to 50 percent is recommended.

In addition to good humidity control is making sure you have good air circulation and ventilation. Also, having a strong seal between your home and grow space is important.

Other ways to increase your chances of success is to prune the cannabis plants until there is only one node on each branch. Also, ensure there’s enough light, don’t allow the plant leaves to overlap too much, make sure you’re using water with the right pH balance and closely monitoring the temperature and humidity. This will create airflow and prevent the harmful microclimates.

However, if your grow room’s humidity isn’t right, no amount of pruning will counteract that threat. If you’re considering growing your own cannabis or just have a green thumb, talk to a humidity expert first. Our HVAC sales engineers can help you ensure that your grow space or room has the right humidity, temperature control, climate control and filtration system to allow your plants to grow and thrive.

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