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Bosch Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps Are Here
The electrification of American has begun. Currently in Chicago- ComEd is offering instant rebated to their customers. I mention this because American Weathermakers has installed this season more heat pumps then we have installed the last 15 years combined. This is because of the new improvements in heat pump technologies, and the level of efficiency they can achieve beyond a standard gas fired furnace. As a comparison a heat pump can get over 250 % efficient operation (for every KW of power it can provide over 2.5 times btu output) verse a gas furnace that can only get at most 98% efficiency. Now your gas furnace isn't going anywhere because when the temperatures get below 20 drees even these heat pumps can not match the output of the heat quantity that your furnace can provide. But from an energy stand point there are over double heating days in the winter above 20 degrees then there is below 20 degrees. With the proper set up that we can provide, we can dial in the operation to decide by outdoor weather conditions on what system to operate to keep your home comfortable thorough out the winter. Contact us for a free estimate & education.
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