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American Weathermakers is the premier choice for water heater services in Winnetka, Illinois

American Weathermakers goal is to help make Winnetka one of the best places to live in the area. Our Winnetka customers have relied on us to repair their air conditioning and heating units since 1949. We're proud of our extensive history in the Chicagoland area and Northern Suburbs.

With over 12,000 people calling Winnetka their home, many residents refer to us by name since we've been the highest rated heating and air cooling service provider in the area for years. In addition to our air conditioning and heating repairs, we're also known for our products and services related to water heaters. There are multiple types to choose from and a professional technician can help you decide on the right one for your Winnetka home.

Water Heaters - Selecting the right water heater isn't always a simple decision. On average, a family of four uses 2,000 gallons of hot water every month. If you have a water heater that's outdated or is in need of repair or replacement, you could be throwing away money every month in avoidable energy costs.

Standard water heaters are the most common kind of water heater in United States homes. They work through a process which includes heating up water in a storage tank, either with gas or electricity, and then storing it until the water is required. By a general measure, standard water heaters are the most inefficient of the various water heater types available since they need to constantly vent flue gases which mean heat is being let out and wasted.

Condensing water heaters appear to be very similar to standard water heaters. Fortunately, when it comes to energy efficiency, they are a lot more effective. That's because the condensing water heaters reuse the hot vent gases and recycle the energy to preserve the temperature of the water. Condensing hot water heaters are quickly taking over as the most frequently installed hot water heater in residential homes. Think about installing one in your Winnetka home.

Tankless water heaters are also gaining popularity and in many scenarios can be fantastic replacements for traditional hot water heaters. Instead of storing hot water in a reservoir tank that needs to spend energy to preserve its temperature, tankless water heaters are able to generate hot water on an as needed basis. They are not recommended for every home or HVAC system, however, for the right systems, tankless water heaters are a perfect choice for many Winnetka homes.

If you're looking for water heater repair, replacements or upgrades, turn to us to examine your system and address all of your water heating concerns. Our HVAC technician will provide you with educated and up-to-date suggestions for what system will work best for your home. Call us at (847) 509-7777 or contact us here to request service to your home in Winnetka today!

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